Separate Beds

Words and Music: Irene Hartfield

With so many reasons
Why and why not
So many ways we could go
In a different place and time
We could say yes
We know that right now it is no

Maturity beckons
We know the end without any doubt
No more naiveté
No more pretend
We know just how things can turn out

So it’s SEPARATE BEDS, separate lives
So attracted but we know that it can never work
Say goodnight
Say goodbye
It can’t be a fling
So it can’t be anything

Hurt while it’s happening
Or hurt in the end
My choices are clear to me now
When I was much younger
I would jump for the chance
Now my head my heart won’t allow


I am learning to enjoy attractiveness
I am yearning but I’m destined to progress

So I’ll go to sleep now
But I’ll still regret
Not knowing you intimately
I wish things were different
I wish you were mine
But wishing’s not reality


Vocals, Piano, Keyboards: Irene Hartfield
Drums: Arnie Wise