Heartbreak Dead Ahead

Words and Music: Irene Hartfield

Hurtin’ right in front of me
Seems like I don’t want to be
Smart enough to call a halt to
Lovin’ you the way I do

You told me right up front the way you felt about her
You said that all you wanted was a friend
You told me that you liked me and you wanted to be near me
But I didn’t see the heartache ’round the bend


I said OK to you that I would let it go no further
But deep inside I knew that I was lying
I looked into your eyes and listened to your sighs
And pretty soon my pillow heard me crying


Darlin’, don’t you be my Deadman’s Corner
You could stop the hurtin’ if you wanted to
If you’d fall in love with me
You could set us free
And the hurt could be
A bridge behind us burnin’, burnin’

But until that day I’m willin’ to keep hurtin’
I’ll pay whatever price to be with you
And maybe I will learn you play with fire you get burned
And I’ll trade my heartache for a love that’s true


Piano, vocals, keyboards: Irene Hartfield
Drums: Arnie Wise