Begin with You

Words and Music: Leslie Chase
© Leslie Chase, LC5Music, ASCAP, 917-817-8822

Well, I’m lookin’ through clean windows and I can see clear
From where I came from it looks like it just rained here
Something exciting in the air
Seems I’m learning how to care for myself as well as you
Tryin’ hard to keep that point of view

I’ll find another kind of lovin’ better than down there
Another kind of feelin’ than “I don’t care”
Can’t you see it’s not his thighs bringing tears to cloud my eyes
But his tongue gently lashing me in two
Why does it feel so good around you?
I’ll find another love

There’ll be another night much better than that night, last night
Another loft much bigger and more bright
No more lunches with the foe
Pins and needles in Soho
Does it all BEGIN WITH YOU?
And there is nothin’ that I would rather do

Begin with You was recorded live at The Grand Finale, a nightclub located on 70th Street and Broadway in New York City in 1979. Recorded and printed by permission.

Piano, vocal: Irene Hartfield
Drums: Arnie Wise
Bass: George Sheck
Recorded live at The Grand Finale, NYC
Engineer: David Immer
Mixed at The Warehouse Studio, NYC